Aerial Photography and Visualisation for Built Heritage - PhD Portfolio by Kieran Baxter
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Portfolio of Aerial Photographs

Find below a selection of my aerial photographs taken using kite, pole and aircraft platforms for a variety of research, commercial and personal projects. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the photographs and see more information about each image.

Research Projects

These photographs were produced during various research projects conducted during my MSc and PhD. While my research is supported by AHRC and DJCAD, much of this work was also enabled by support from Historic Scotland.

Archeological Excavations

These low altitude aerial photographs were taken during excavation work. This is offers a rare opportunity to photograph features that are otherwise hidden, revealing them within the the context of the broader landscape.

Commercial Work

This selection of photographs were commissioned, often to illustrate particular aspects of a monument's story.
The resulting images can be found on on-site interpretation panels, publications and merchandise.

Personal Portfolio

I began taking kite aerial photographs in 2007 and have since built up a portfolio of images from locations across Scotland as well as further afield.

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